Data Requests

Health Data Agency

Data requests enable researchers, healthcare professionals, and policymakers accessing health(care) and health(care)-related data for medical research, healthcare improvement, and policy formulation.

Identify your data

Data catalog

Explore the data catalog to locate and search for specific datasets matching your needs.

  • In case you locate in the catalogue the data that you want to request, please document both the name of the dataset and the data provider owning the data. You will need to provide that information when requesting data.
  • In case the data you need is not yet documented in the data catalogue, ensure that you can provide a detailed description of that data when performing the data request. 

Note that the HDA is an organization in evolution. More and more data will become available in the Data Catalog so always refer to it before continuing to request any data.

Submit your request

Request form

Fill in and submit the request form using the button "Data request form". Once your form is submitted, an HDA Case Manager will analyze it and communicate the next steps.

Note that depending on the type of request you have sent, you can expect to receive a follow-up questionnaire that you will need to fill in. This second questionnaire is more extensive and will provide the HDA with further information required to process your request. 

Request processing

Data Request

When a data request is submitted to the HDA, it will go through the steps documented below. Note that as part of the processing of the request, you may be asked for additional information or refinements. You will also be updated on the status of your request on a periodic basis. 

  1. Request analysis: The request will be analyzed to determine its technical and capacity requirements, as well as any potential legal, security, ethical and/or deontological concerns. 
  2. Approval: Based on the previous analysis, the HDA Case Manager and the Data Providers involved will formally decide to either accept or decline the request. If your request is accepted, the administrative steps identified in the analysis will have to be taken. 
  3. Decision Update: Whether your request is approved or not, you will be informed of the decision by email or phone.
  4. Preparation: One or multiple Data Providers involved in the request will collaborate to prepare the requested dataset(s) and its metadata.
  5. Quality check and verification: Once the dataset(s) and the metadata are ready, the Data Provider(s) will perform a final data quality and FAIRness check.
  6. Data access: Once everything is correct, the data will be made available to you for the approved usage, purposes and timeframe. Keep in mind to dispose of the data not later than the agreed disposal date.