Big Data for Health & Care "The Arisal of Data Spaces"

10H00 - 17H30

Description of the event

Join us at the forefront of healthcare innovation for a pivotal symposium on Big Data for Health & Care, themed "The Arisal of Data Spaces". This event, organized by the University of Hasselt and ELIXIR Belgium, promises to be a groundbreaking exploration of data spaces and research infrastructures within the healthcare sector.

The concept of data spaces, especially in light of the anticipated European Health Data Space legislation, represents a transformative approach to decentralized, trustworthy data sharing and exchange in data ecosystems. This symposium is designed as a deep dive into the burgeoning world of health data spaces, aiming to clarify the strategic oversight currently perceived as lacking, and to answer critical questions about the integration and synergy of various data space initiatives.

Event Highlights:

  • In-Depth Exploration: A comprehensive look into existing data spaces, how they interconnect, and their collective impact on healthcare data sharing and research.
  • Panel Debates: Robust discussions on the practicalities of implementing and integrating data spaces at various levels, with a focus on enhancing the effectiveness of local data management among individual data partners.
  • Multi-Dimensional Approach: Sessions will cover a broad spectrum of topics, from geographical nuances and data types to the complexities of transmural care, including first-line care, hospital settings, and mobile healthcare (mHealth).
  • Belgian and European Perspectives: While focusing on Belgian data spaces, the event, co-moderated by i~HD, promises a seamless connection to European discussions, ensuring a broad scope of insights.

Don't miss the hands-on workshop on "How to Set Up a Health Data Sharing Initiative", organised the day before the symposium. It's an opportunity to gain practical insights and skills.

For health data enthusiasts from Belgium and beyond. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field, the symposium is structured to be accessible yet profound, offering valuable insights into the future of health data sharing and analysis.